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Angels Sculptures

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My Favorite Large Outdoor Angel Sculptures for Sale!

outdoor angel sculptures

Beautiful Outdoor Angel Sculptures

81″ Roman Renaissance Grand Cathedral Angel Home Garden Church Sculpture

Angel sculptures look absolutely amazing in any garden!

My favorite outdoor angel sculptures are large and highly detailed. I love to stare at them and try to decipher what emotion the artist was trying to pass to his angel…

This gorgeous angel sculpture is over six feet tall!
I LOVE her amazing huge wings!

If you are an angel lover or know any angel lovers in your family, you will find the most beautiful angel sculptures for garden on this page!

My selections were based on how detailed the angels are, their size, beauty and popularity.

Angel sculptures and garden statues make wonderful gift ideas for any garden lover, angel lover, new home owners, newlyweds, grandmothers, aunts or new parents!

I hope you will be able to find a beautiful angel sculpture here for you!

God bless you!

guardian angel sculpture

Beautiful Guardian Angel Sculpture

Heaven’s Guardian Angel Garden Statue

What a gorgeous guardian angel holding a child in his arms garden sculpture!
Can you think of a better outdoor guardian angel for your home?
Look at her heavenly face!
Beautiful long wings and a gorgeous color!
What a wonderful gift idea for new parents!

(Product Dimensions: 13 x 14 x 38 inches.)

Angel Playing Harp Sculpture 29″ Classic Winged Musical Angel Harp Home Garden Statue Sculpture Figurine

Angel playing harp sculptures are also among the most popular angels sculptures for garden being sold!
They are beautiful and look great near a swimming pool or gazebo!
This amazing angel garden sculpture combines the delicate beauty of an angel with the melodic sound of 10 quality chimes! How awesome is that?
What a wonderful gift idea for angel lovers!
Dimensions: 20″Wx15″Dx29″H. 22 lbs.

Angel Water Fountain Sculpture Classic Resting Angel Home Garden Fountain Statue Sculpture Inspired By Giulio Monterverde

The combination of a resting peaceful angel and the serene sounds of a water fountain is truly heavenly!
This is a gorgeous angel water fountain garden sculpture!
It features a durable, weather-resistant, integrated, UL-listed, indoor/outdoor pump.
What a beautiful gift idea!
Dimensions: 16″Wx14½”Dx28″H. 32 lbs.

Angel Garden Sculpture 38″ Christian Statue Angel Home Garden Sculpture Statue

Glorious angel garden sculpture with his highly-detailed wings spread open!
Very tall and majestic!
Wonderful gift idea for angel lovers!
Will look amazing anywhere in your garden!

Large Archangel Michael Garden Sculpture 49.5″ Large St Michael Archangel Angel Home Garden Statue Sculpture Inspired By Guido Reni Painting

This is one of the largest angels sculptures for garden being sold!
It is a large Archangel Michael defeating the devil garden sculpture!
Highly-detailed sculpture!
Very impressive!
Dimensions: 36½”Wx25″Dx49½”H. 49 lbs.

Praying Angel Garden Sculpture 58″ Grand Basilica Praying Angel Christian Religious Home Garden Statue Sculpture Figurine

Another impressive and extremely tall praying angel garden sculpture!
This stunning sculpted guardian angel statue will make an amazing gift!
No matter were you place it in your garden, it will be noticed by everyone!
Dimensions: 29″Wx20″Dx58″H. 73 lbs.

Impressive Angel Sculpture 30.5″ 18th Century Replica Winged Memorial Angel Sculpture Statue Figurine

Wow! This is one of the most impressive angel sculptures I have ever seen!
It is a very emotional angel sculpture! You can almost hear her crying!
Amazing details!
Large: (Shown) 8″Wx11″Dx30½”H. 16 lbs.

Angel Wall Sculpture Santa Croce Angel Wall Frieze – Large

Look at this beautiful angel wall sculpture for gardens!
It is huge, at almost 5 feet tall!
She seems to be sleeping, wrapped in her own gorgeous wings!
Impressive gift idea for any angel lovers!

(Large: 24″Wx16″Dx58″H. 36 lbs.)

Guardian Angel Sculpture Guardian Angel Child’s Prayer Garden Statue

Every garden needs a guardian angel, don’t you think?
This is a gorgeous guardian angel with a child sculpture!
Hand-finished in quality resin.

(Product Dimensions: 11 x 15 x 34 inches.)

Set of Large Padova Guardian Angel Statues in a Beautiful Stone Finish!

Set of Padova Guardian Angel Statues

Set of Padova Guardian Angel Statues

Set of Padova Guardian Angel Statues

Let these two guardian angels keep your home safe!
You will get both of them to place by your front entrance!
They are very realistic and I also love the gorgeous stone finish!
Great outdoor angel gift idea!

(Product Dimensions: 41 x 17 x 15 inches ; 40 pounds)