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Angels Figurines

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10 Gorgeous Angel Figurines to Collect or to Give to Someone You Love!

beautiful angel figurines

Beautiful Angel Figurines

I absolutely love angels!
I love to give and to collect cute angel figurines, angel statues, angel sculptures and angel pictures!

If you are an angel lover, like myself, you are going to love all the cute angel figurines on this page!

Angel figurines and cute angel statues make wonderful gift ideas to anyone anytime!

I love buying cute and unique angels figurines for my mom, sisters and friends!
(In fact, my mom has quite a collection already! 🙂

You can start your own collection of angels and have a special corner in your home just for them!

Angel Figurine by Pavilion, 8-Inch, Holding Butterfly, Inscription Friends Are Gifts to Always Treasure

*The one you see on this picture, for example, is a beautiful friendship angel, fairly tall, at about 8 inches, that says “Friends are gifts to always treasure”!
Can you think of a more meaningful gift to your best friend that this? 🙂

If things get tough, you know you can pray to them and release your worries and fears…

I hope you enjoy my angel figurines selections from here and find that special angel figure for you or someone you love!

Very Cute Angel Figurine for Your Mother!

Love You Mom Angel Figurine

Cute Angel Figurine for Mom

Cute Angel Figurine for Mom

Love You Mom Angel Figurine by Pavilion, Holding Flowers, 5-1/2-Inch

If you are looking for a beautiful and meaningful gift for your mom that will probably bring her to tears when she sees it, then I think you are going to love this cute angel figurine for moms!
It says ‘Love You Mom’, it is holding beautiful flowers and that’s when the tears will start!
This saying is very meaningful to us moms…
All we want is to be our children’s friend!

It already comes in a beautiful gift box, ready to go! 🙂

Very Cute and Adorable Miniature Angel of Peace Figurine!

cute angel of peace figurine

Cute Mini Angel Holding Dove Figurine

Cute Angel Holding Dove Figurine

This is one of the cutest mini-angel figurines by Precious Moments around!
She is wearing a cute blue gown and holding a beautiful dove on her hands, which represents ‘peace on Earth’!
The whole world needs this cute angel right now…
It will make a beautiful angel gift idea to anyone!
They are perfect to collect as well, because they are all very small, at about 4.5 inches each, and they look lovely in a bookshelf, end table, coffee table or nightstand! 🙂

Set of 5 Adorable White Porcelain Angels Figurines!

Adorable White Porcelain Angels Figurines

Adorable White Porcelain Angels Figurines

Set of 5 White Porcelain Cherubs/Angels Beautiful Collectible Angels

I love these!
You will get 5 adorable white mini-angels figurines!
Each cute angel is doing something different!
One is praying, another one is taking a nap, one is reading, another is holding a heart and another one is holding a bird! 🙂
They will be a reminder that we are never alone!
We are always in the company of our guardian angels, praying for us!

Beautiful Lladro Porcelain Guardian Angel Figurine for Sale!

Lladro Porcelain Guardian Angel Figurine

Lladro Porcelain Guardian Angel Figurine

Nao by Lladro Guardian Angel

What a cute Lladro guardian angel figurine!
He has a beautiful glossy finish and will make a beautiful gift idea for a special angel lover in your family!

Garden Angel With Children Figure!

Angel With Children Outdoor Figure

Angel With Children Outdoor Figure

Angel With Children Outdoor Figure

This is one of my favorite outdoor angel figures being sold!
It is a gorgeous angel with children under his wings figure!
Look at all the high details!
You can have it in your garden in a nice corner.
It is also pretty tall, at about 16 inches.

Beautiful Swarovski Crystal Angel Figurine for Sale!

cute crystal angel figurine

Beautiful Swarovski Angel

Beautiful Swarovski Crystal Angel Figurine

Beautiful crystal angel figurine!
I love her crystal wings, crystal gown and crystal face!
What a peaceful expression!
Will look amazing somewhere bright, where the sun can pass through it!
Beautiful gift idea!
(It stands about 4 inches tall.)

Willow Tree Angel of Hope

Willow Tree Angel of Hope figurine

Willow Tree Angel of Hope Figurine

Willow Tree Angel of Hope

I love the cute Willow Tree angels!
They are among the most affordable, most unique and most bought angel figurines around!
This is the beautiful angel of hope figurine!
A must-have in any collection!
Great angel gift idea! 🙂
He is about 5.5 inches tall.
Perfect size!
Not too big, not too small!

Very Cute African American Small Cherub Angel Figurines for Sale!

cute african american cherub figurine

African American Cherub Prayer Boy in White Set of 2

Cherub Decor Prayer Boy in White Set of 2

What a cute and unique set of two African American cherub angel figurines for your growing collection of cute angel statues and figurines! 🙂
He has a highly-detailed face!
Looks just like a real boy!
Very, very cute!!
He is about 4 inches tall.

Fun and Very Colorful Angel of Sweets Figurine!

fun angel of sweets figurine

Jim Shore for Enesco Heartwood Creek Sweets Angel Figurine

Jim Shore for Enesco Heartwood Creek Sweets Angel Figurine, 10-Inch

This fun angel has got a sweet tooth and she is proud about it! 🙂
Gorgeous Jim Shore angel of sweets figurine!
I love all the beautiful colors and highly-detailed dress and expression!
She brings a HUGE cupcake on her hands!
Is that for you?
She stands 10 inches tall and can be put anywhere in your home!
Perfect for the dining-room!
Lovely gift idea for any angel lover with a sweet tooth!

*More Beautiful Jim Shore Angels here!