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About My Angel Statues

My Favorite Angel Statues, Sculptures and Figurines for the Home and Garden!

Angel StatueDo you believe in angels?

My Angel Statues is a website created for angel lovers!

I have always loved angels and I also love angel statues and angel figurines!

Large Male Angel Statue Bronze Finshing Resin Figurine 30″ Tall

(I also LOVE bronze angels, just like this gorgeous male angel figure you see on this picture!)

On this website you are going to find the most beautiful angel statues, sculptures and figurines for home on the market!

There’s nothing cuter than a beautiful garden full of angel garden statues and angel sculptures!

You will find beautiful praying angels, angel bird feeders, angel solar statues and cute angel figurines!

I prefer the largest angel statues for garden, but you are also going to find medium and small angels figurines.

Cute angel statues make wonderful gift ideas for grandmothers, moms or aunts who enjoy garden statues…

I hope you enjoy my selections!

Beautiful Archangel Gabriel Female Statue!

Archangel Gabriel Female Statue

Archangel Gabriel Female Statue

Beautiful Archangel Gabriel Female Statue Battle Angel W/ Sword

The Archangels are considered the captains of all other angels and they are here to serve us, defeat Evil and bring us good messages!
The Archangel Gabriel is believed to be the voice of God Himself and he is the messenger of good news!
This is a gorgeous Archangel Gabriel female statue for angel lovers!
The statue is 12 1/2 inches tall, 8 1/2 inches wide and 4 inches deep and will make a great gift idea!
I love her bronze finish and her magnificent wings!

Gorgeous St. Michael The Archangel Bronze Look Statue for Sale!

Beautiful Angel Gift Ideas!

St. Michael The Archangel Bronze Look Statue

St. Michael The Archangel Bronze Look Statue

St. Michael The Archangel Bronze Look Statue Saint

The Archangel Michael is another important angel whose job is to ‘fight’ Satan!
This is a beautiful St. Michael the Archangel statue in battle with Lucifer!
The statue stands 15 inches tall, is 10 inches wide and 5 inches deep.
It is highly-detailed!
Wonderful gift idea for angel lovers!


My Favorite Angel Statues!




The Archangel Raphael is the ‘Healing Angel”!
He brings the message that ‘God heals’ and he represents our ability to heal ourselves through Faith! :)
This gorgeous Raphael statue will make a wonderful gift to anyone in need of healing or people in the hospital.
His wings are absolutely amazing!

Magnificent Archangel Uriel Statue: The Battle Angel!

Archangel Uriel Statue

Magnificent Archangel Uriel Statue

Impressive Archangel Uriel Statue Battle Angel W/ Mace & Torch

The Archangel Uriel has been known to be the angel who holds the keys to the gates of Hell and the angel who stands in the gate of Eden with a fiery sword!
He is also believed to be the angel who sent Noah the message about the big flood…
This beautiful Archangel Uriel statue is about 13 inches tall, 11 inches wide and 4 inches deep.

Cute Angel Bird Feeder!

cute angel bird feeder

Elegant Angel with Inspirational Inscription Bird Feeder

Elegant Angel with Inspirational Inscription Bird Feeder

Angel bird feeders also make wonderful angel gift ideas for angel lovers!
They look cute in any garden!
This is a gorgeous hand-sculpted angel bird feeder in a beautiful finish!
It will blend beautifully in your garden!
It also has a beautiful inscription on the bowl saying “Find Peace in the beauty that surrounds you”…
Will make such a lovely gift!
God bless your beautiful garden!
(And all the cute birds drinking water from your angel feeder!)

(Dimensions: 22 inches high x 12 inch diameter.)

praying angel statue

Beautiful Praying Angel Statue

Praying Angel Garden Statue

Gorgeous praying angel statue for your garden!
I love his floral garment!
It’s absolutely beautiful!
What a wonderful gift idea for any angel lovers!
Delighted buyers said you won’t regret it!
I really love this ‘antiqued stone’ finish!
It’s perfect for the outdoors!

(Dimensions: 24 inches tall.)

praying angel statues

Beautiful Praying Angel Statues

Joseph Studio Tall Praying Angel Statue, 14.5-Inch

You will get one of the cutest praying angel statues for your blessed garden!
It has that beautiful ‘weathered’ look and amazing details too, specially on the wings!
Wonderful gift idea for grandmothers or new home owners!
You can place it on your porch or by a beautiful tree…

(Dimensions: 14.75″H x 6.5″W x 4.25″D)

Nao An Angel’s Prayer Porcelain Figurine

The Prettiest Angels Praying Figurines for Sale!

porcelain angel praying figurine

Beautiful Angel in Prayer Porcelain Figure

Nao An Angel’s Prayer Porcelain Figurine

What a lovely angel in prayer porcelain figurine for your collection!
It is a part of the Lladro porcelain figures!
It was carefully handmade and it has the most beautiful glaze finish!
Will make a great delicate gift idea for moms, daughters, grandmothers or any other special person in the family who believes in angels!

(Product Dimensions: 4.3 x 4.7 x 12.2 inches ; 1.7 pounds)